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Welcome to our Queen of Swords Fan Central Web Site.  We are currently in process of creating this site, and we thank you for your patience.  Stay tuned for futher developements.


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Anthony Delongis Interview

Valentine Pelka Interview

We just finished a wonderful interview with Doug Aarniokoski, the director for Highlander Endgame. Look for his interview by John Bierly in the next few weeks. Here's what Doug writes to us...


I have been doing interviews for the film and was told about your site. It's wonderful. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing new and interesting points about Highlander -- Endgame. If I can help with anything in the next couple of weeks prior to the films release please let me know.


Doug Aarniokoski 

Director of Highlander -- Endgame


Thanks Doug,  we will!

Adrian Paul's new Celebrity Blvd Website went live this weekend. It's very savvy with a lot of cool graphics and interviews. There is even a section for audio clips about different areas of his life. A must see for all Adrian Paul fans. Check it out.

Adrian Paul Celebrity Blvd

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