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Tessie Santiago plays our Zorro -esqe heroine.

Peter Wingfield plays the ex- warrior cum doctor sickened by death - Dr. Helm

Valentine Pelka plays the ultimate Machiavellian  bad guy, Colonel Montoya

     By Lyria Wollich

     Though Paramount studio is still putting the finishing touches on the media packages associated with this project, head writer David Abramowitz gives us a sneak peek into his new show - "The Queen of Swords".

     "It's a wonderful action/adventure series staring a new Latina actress "Tessie Santiago" - it's action adventure with swords and masks. "

     "Our villain is Valentine Pelka who is absolutely fabulous  he plays the evil Colonel Montoya. He is incredible.  He was Kronos - one of the four horsemen - and probably one of the great villains in Highlander Lore, and he's even better here. This is a great character for him.  He plays an effete, intellectual, machiavellian bad guy, which is perfect for him."

     "It also stars Peter Wingfield, who played Methos in the Series and now the new movie.  Peter plays a great character, he plays Doctor Helm who was once a warrior and a great killer and one day he got sick of the death and destruction around him. So he swore never to kill again. He then becomes a doctor and winds up in this small California town. He's a man who would rather die than kill and he will not allow anyone to kill for him. His basic line is 'there are many things worth dying for, but there is nothing worth killing for.' This is a perfect character for him."

     "It begins playing the week of  October 2, 2000. Check your local listings. It's a beautiful show, shot all on location in Almaria, Spain. It has great depth, great characters, horses thundering across the screen, sword fighting and a woman hero."

     When I asked David how it felt to work with his Highlander friends again he said emphatically,

     "Fantastic! Absolutely wonderful!  Ken Gord is our producer and many of the directors are the same directors.  We've come back, and there's some magic, mystism and Tarot cards."

     Wow, what can I say but we finally have another show to keep our attention, our hearts and our minds occupied. Look for it the week of October 2nd and check out this page weekly for more details. David has already promised us more!

Sword Master and Highlander alumni Anthony De Longis is back and will be in some episodes as well

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